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Who We Are

The Signature of the Northwest…


For over a decade, NWG Real Estate has been recognized as the leading real estate brand for reliable expertise, professionalism, marketing innovation, and integrity.  As such, we are humbled to be the first choice to lead Compass Real Estate's growth in the Seattle market.


"Compass values the NWG brand because their brand is human and the people are what matter most.  NWG clearly has left their mark on the Seattle area market", said CEO Robert Reffkin. 


"Leaving our mark" has been the vision for NWG since our inception.  Thus, we are excited to announce that our team at Compass Real Estate, comprised of the original Principals at NWG, will be renamed "NWG Signature".  A signature is personal.  A signature is identifiable.  Through NWG Signature, the excellence you deserve will continue to be cultivated alongside a stunning offering of technology and support from what we believe is the future of residential real estate.

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