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Erin Vella Jarzebowicz Low Res.jpg

Erin Vella Jarzebowicz

Associate Broker

M: 315.247.2841

About Erin

Erin came to the NWG team from New York City where she spent nine years working in the fast paced and highly competitive advertising industry. This experience, coupled with her time spent working for a local developer during college where she founded Lehigh University’s Real Estate Club, makes her uniquely fit for a career in real estate. Real estate has always been her passion and the detour working in advertising was invaluable for honing negotiation skills, attention to detail, and her ability to manage creative projects from start to finish. 

Now a proud PNW resident (her husband is a Kirkland native), Erin has put behind her mad (wo)man days and is excelling as part of the NWG team. 
Erin thrives on a challenge and makes it her mission to help clients find that perfect house that truly feels like home. 

When she’s not working, Erin is further honing her negotiation skills as the mother of a 1 and 3 year old.

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